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Claims Documents required for Marine claim
1Claim Intimation / Registration.
2Copy of policy.
3Claim form duly filled up and signed.
4Copy of invoice/ packing list/ consignment note.
5List of items damaged along with bill.
6Police report if vehicle is involved in an accident.
7Damage certificate of transporter/ short certificate.
8Notice to the transporter with acknowledgement.
9Subrogation letter.
10Surveyor report with photographs.
11Inspection report.

1Non Delivery cases original consignment note.
2Non Delivery Certificate from the road transporter/carrier.
3Certificate copy of the remarks in the delivery challan.
4Notice of claim lodged to the carrier.
5Subsequent correspondence with the carriers.
6Appointment of field officers and surveyors.
7Role of field officers and surveyors.
8Surveyor log book/ salvage collection and disposal.