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Reinsurance is insurance that is purchased by an insurance company (the ceding company or cedent or cedant under the arrangement) from one or more other insurance or reinsurance companies (the reinsurer) as a means of risk management.

In order to enhance our underwriting capacity and have global spread of local risk, our office have strong reinsurance backup from well established companies like:

1. GIC-Bhutan Re, Thimphu, Bhutan

2. ZEP-RE (PTA Reinsurance Company), Nairobi, Kenya

3. Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya

4. National Insurance Company Ltd., Kolkata, India

5. GIC-Re, Mumbai, India

6. Asian Reinsurance Corporation Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand

7. CICA-Re, Tongo

8. Senegal-Re, Senegal

9. Sava-Re, Ljubljana, Slovenia

10.Uganda-Re, Uganda

11.Nepal-Re, Nepal

12.NCA-Re , Abidjan, Republic of Cote

13.Misr Insurance Company, Egypt