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Benefits from Gratuity Fund:

1. We pay/credit return on the Gratuity Fund accumulation on daily product basis at negotiable interest per annum, which shall be compounded on annual basis.

2. 100% Tax deductible

3. Withdrawal in between will not effect the aforesaid Committed rate of interest and refund of full deposited amount is possible.

4. Flexible in terms of nos. of exist and entry of members without any administrative charges or penalty.

5. The interest portion is not taxable provided it is not accessed by the company.

6. Double benefits of tax deductions and interest income for taxable entities.

Rules and regulations:

1. The employer, on behalf of an employee, shall make GF contribution to the BIL.

2. All employers shall remit GF contribution, indicating the contribution amounts along with detailed list clearly.

3. GF contribution should be:

I. For new member: Last month basic pay times, number of years in the service as per member organization service rule book.

II. Thereafter, on annual basis: last month basic pay.


1. On retirement from service after attaining the retirement age as per service rule of the company/ agency.

2. On retirement on account of permanent and total incapacity for work due to bodily or mental infirmity, duly certified by the medical officer of the employer.

3. On retrenchment from service by the employer, voluntary retirement under reorganization or closure.

4. On termination of service by the employer on disciplinary ground.

5. On resignation by the employee.

6. On termination of employment by death, irrespective of death arises from work or not.