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Tender Announcement

Bhutan Insurance Limited is pleased to invite sealed bids from the eligible suppliers holding valid trade licence for the supply of the following items:

1. Pre-Printed forms Tender Document

2. Furniture Tender Document

3. Computers/Laptops and printers Tender Document

4. Equipments Tender Document

5. Stationery Tender Document

6. Toners Tender Document

1. Last date for the submission of tender document is on 10/02/2020, on payment of Nu.300/-(Non-refundable).

2. Bid security amount is 2% of the total value, and any tender without the bid security will be forfeited.

3. Complete set of bidding documents along with the detailed Terms and Conditions can be collected from the Procurement Section, Head Office, Thimphu. For further information, please contact the Procurement officer at 17310982.

4. Late submission of the bids will be rejected

Pre Printed Forms Samples for the reference:

1. Motor Proposal Form

2. Motor Inspection Form

3. Fire Insurance Proposal Form

4. Loan Deposite Slip

5. Money Receipt

6. Payment Voucher

Late submission of bids will be rejected.For further information, please contact Procurement Officer at 17310982.