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Our Products Fire Insurance

Fire insurance deals with insurance of property against risk of fire including lighting.

1. Material damaged by fire/lightning

2. Damage to property due to water or other fire extinguishing appliance used in extinguishing/controlling fire

3. Damage to property caused by legitimate acts of fire brigade

4. Damage to property during removal from burning building

1. Earthquake: fire & shock

2. Storm / tempest

3. Flood / inundation

4. Subsidence

5. Landslide / rock slide

6. Explosion

7. Malicious damages

8. Spontaneous combustion

9. Riot : fire risk & riot & strike associated risks

10.Loss or damage due to electrical apparatus or installations caused by over running, short circuiting, electricity leakage etc.

1. Loss or damage caused by war, civil war, nuclear weapons, radio activity and the like.

2. Theft during or after occurrence of fire

3. Burning of property under orders or any public authority

4. Subterranean fire

5. Goods held in trust of on commission

6. Bullions or unset precious stone

7. Documents, computer record systems

8. Property insured, if removed to any building or place other than in which it is stated to be insured.